Value Exists Where Demand Meets Opportunity

At Willow Creek Partners, we bring together insight-driven perspectives, a top-notch team of experts, and deep connections to deliver irreplaceable investment opportunities to our stakeholders with the intent of enhancing their long-term value.

As a private equity firm, we believe that value exists where demand meets opportunity.  Our approach is flexible and allows us to invest across asset types where we believe we can deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns across economic cycles.

We focus on developing insight via research and experience to craft and execute bespoke strategies with the goal to generate attractive returns to our partners.

Investment Strategies

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Real Estate

Our Real Estate investment team is committed to identifying and acquiring unique under-managed high-quality assets where we see untapped potential driven by demographic growth, environmental factors, and economic trends.

Post-acquisition, we focus on renovation, asset management, and exit strategies, maximizing value and ultimately achieving attractive risk-adjusted results for our partners.

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Private Equity

Our Private Equity team is a cohesive collaboration between experienced investment professionals in real estate, private equity, venture capital, as well as private lending and former operating company executives, who have successfully acquired, scaled, and exited companies.

We maximize value through deep insight-driven research, world-class management, and commitment to achieve positive results.

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Value Creation

Since our founding, Willow Creek Partners capitalized on what we believed to be a temporary mispricing of investments. Leveraging our experience, data, and insight, we thought relative valuation was imbalanced and, thereby, created a short-lived hype in asset value. As a result, WCP has successfully exited a significant portion of our investment portfolio and generated attractive returns to our investors.

As capital markets continue to be volatile and proportionately impact long-term investment assets, we’ve made a deliberate effort to seek out investment opportunities and look inward to build on new capabilities.

We specifically focus on capabilities that are not correlated to market volatility. We call these our Value Creation Strategies and they serve as a foundation on which we aim to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns to our partners.

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