May 17, 2023
The One 23 Group logo
Willow Creek Partners has launched its newest platform company The One 23 Group to provide cyber, consulting & analytics, and digital workplace services
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Gold bars and bitcoin on a balance
The pursuit of profit in down markets has always been difficult.  Academics have searched for years to find assets that go up in down markets or down in up markets.  Market technicians have been scanning charts and data for decades in pursuit of durable patterns and inflection points with the hope of finding better hedges. ...
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Pacific Western bank
Banking Crisis Continues. Anytime an industry is cumulatively down 35%, investors and the media start asking when the right time is to step in and buy. 
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Last month Los Angeles’ so called Mansion Tax went into effect.  This tax, supported by 57% of voters was intended to help the city’s problem with homelessness.  Instead, this tax is likely to crush sales of properties worth over $5M, and devastate transactions in properties over $10M.  While this transfer of wealth is called the...
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JP Morgan sign
We’ve spoken about the creativity of private equity firms and the current imbalance in the need for capital vs the capital that is currently being deployed
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