April 11, 2023
stock market
2022 performance differentials caused and continues to cause investors to rethink some of what they know about different asset classes.  For instance, history would suggest that stocks and bonds are not usually highly correlated…but they were in 2022. 
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Affordable housing
Rent control. There is another story about shortages in affordable housing. Part of that is a story about inflation, but part of it is a story about bad policy
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With a nod to Mark Twain, the death of the Sunbelt economy and job market have been grossly exaggerated.  Over the last decade, many cities in the Sun Belt have seen tremendous growth in jobs and population.  Millennials have been moving south in droves chasing better job prospects and warmer weather.
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Gas prices
As is often the case, the Stock Market activity does not match up well with headline information or what is expected for earnings going forward. 
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