April 4, 2023
Big man next to small man
In today’s episode of Regulatory Roulette, we’re reminded of the phrase “Too Big To Fail” and what it meant in the darkest days of the Global Financial Crisis.  This phrase was used to discuss the biggest and nastiest of our systemic issues as Lehman Brothers failed and AIG, Citigroup and others teetered before TARP ultimately...
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China and American flags
In the summer of 2022, the Biden Administration, together with Congress, passed The CHIPS and Science Act. 
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Pointing finger
We’ll gladly get on board and criticize the Fed for any number of things.  Money printing in the months following the initial shock of Covid, not raising rates after the Global Financial Crisis, chickening out late in 2018 during the “Taper Tantrum”…the list goes on.  But to suggest that the ills of the banking system...
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MoM chart
2022 ended with a giant thud for rent growth.  As can be seen in the charts below, vacancy rates were up and rent growth was negative by more than it has been in a long time.  As 2023 began, the picture appeared slightly rosier for the asset class.  Vacancy rates continue to head higher, but...
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