March 28, 2023
FRED chart
The Federal Reserve raised Fed Funds Rates another quarter of a point last week to a full 5% We’re including the chart this week because we believe the chart gives us some perspective on where we’ve been, where we are, and perhaps even what’s “normal”.  Believe it or not, 5% is pretty normal!!!!  But it...
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wood blocks
Years ago, a colleague/mentor shared a truth about the investment industry that few people stop to think about.  You can be a good investor, or you can be really good at the investment business…very few people are both.  In an ideal world, investment managers combine people with both skills for ultimate success, but few ever...
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Multi Build? If you’ve been watching WCP operate over the last years, you know that we love irrational markets when they favor taking risks
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Space available sign
The fallout from SVB’s collapse continues to dominate the news, and we could spend the next 3 days writing about the various pieces and parts of their demise.
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